Allyn & jsn. share sleek new album, ‘CHROME SOUL’


Virginia-based duo Allyn & jsn. have shared their debut EP, titled Chrome Soul. A potent, versatile offering that finds them focused and engaging in their songwriting, Chrome Soul takes the listener through a vivid sonic journey across 9 tracks.

CHROME SOUL makes an immediate impression with “P.O.V.”, an infectious, alternative R&B-laced cut that contains immersive sonics and addictive vocals. “HALFWAY” makes for a project highlight with slower, deliberate grooves that simply hypnotize, as the song’s vocals drift above in a smooth yet attention-grabbing manner. “TEMPORARY” makes for an uplifting, immersive listen with colorful instrumentation that swirls in layers and provides a dream-like accompaniment for the song’s warm vocals. “FORWARD” makes for a poignant closer with its silvery, sleek sound and emotional vocals that captivate the listener throughout the song’s run time.

Overall, CHROME SOUL is the portrayal of the self-reflection we all must undergo during the process of falling in love in order to become better people. This journey follows the joys of a new relationship, letting go of past issues and pains, acceptance of what you truly need, and the focus it requires to continue on in life while staying true to the one you love the most. This 9- track introspective project executive produced by Allyn and jsn., featuring Allyn’s luxurious vocals and guitar embellishments, truly showcases those feelings and how they can refine a soul through that crucial self-reflection.

Listen to CHROME SOUL now:


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