Artist of the day: CRWN Royel


A person be it an artist or anyone in the Industry has never tasted success without hardships. 

Every artist has a past which inspires him to do something great in the near future and similarly, there is one artist who has watched feuds like separation and abuse every day while growing up in his Household. 

CRWN Royel is from Cleveland, Ohio, but is now regarded as one of Montreal’s top five young musicians.

Royel parents separated when he was very young. His mother was a single bread earner of the family looking after Royel and his Older brother Lonny. 

After his father, Royel always termed his brother as a fatherly figure and his brother is the inspiration behind his musical journey. It was his brother who introduced Royel to Hip Hop/ rap and showed him the new style of music. But certain events in his brother’s life made Royel realised that he wanted to be different. 

He has also worked with prominent DJs and artists such as Future’s signee Doe Boy, RayCa, Machine Gun Kelly’s Signee Tezo, g, DJ Steph Floss, Nas’ Mass Appeal signee Ezri to name a few. From forming his own rap group in Cleveland to getting booked for small events at NYC, Ohio Connecticut, Royel has come a very long way. 

As an Independent young artist with no funding there was a point when Royel had to do a day job to support his family but at the same time he spent a number of sleepless nights at the studio for the love of music. 

Royel would eventually secure a deal with Ghazi’s Empire through a distribution label, allowing him to release his hugely successful freshman EP “King.”

Struggles are a part and parcel of life but one should not give up just like CRWN Royel. 

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