BIGUY$KY stands out for his creativity and his special flow. In his latest track “SEPARATE WAYS” perfectly illustrates our point. BIGGUYSKY has its own style and it is refreshing to hear that.

This track is very professional, and one realizes right away that the performance is of major label quality. One thing that distinguishes BIGGUYSKY from many rappers is that he can actually carry a tune. He sings pretty well in fact.

The perfect vibe for summer. Although it has a pure chill rap touch to it with his contemporary trap sounds and melodic flow, most of BIGGUYSKY ‘s upcoming single has this unique vibe to it which makes his music stands out from his peer. This is a vibe that just makes you want to chill, make your head bounce, and have a moment out of reality.

In addition to being very tight with the beat, his delivery is fluid and pleasantly melodic. He maintains moderately intense pacing throughout, his voice in lockstep with the music the entire way. You start to wonder if this guy will ever have to come up for air. He really demonstrates great timing and breath control.

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