Bonni3 is making big moves as an artist and entrepreneur


Gabriel Comfort, Better known as “Bonni3” is an American recording artist and Entrepreneur
from Virginia. She has been known for being an exceptional artist, but more so a role model
entrepreneur. At the age of 19 she solidified her business in reselling and has been doing it
full time ever since. After launching her publication “Limitless Magazine” she wanted to
offer an opportunity for other artists to hone into their own entrepreneur skills to help them
succeed in the music area. She states “Music is going to be a drag if you do not have the
funds to support it, making money full time as an indie artist is not ideal without a big
following. Do something to generate income in a fun networking way that also helps your

She now has artists modelling her business model and an entrepreneurial artist. Outside of
running a successful business she is also working hard on her new music. Recently charting
twice on itunes she is now eager to release some new content to kick off the new season. In
the meantime check out her single that charted #32 on iTunes “Paralyzed”.


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