Brizzi Beats shares powerful new release ‘Morpheus’


Brizzi Beats just released a hot new beat tape titled “Morpheus”, featuring hits such as “Slang”, “Cobain”, “Desert Eagle” and many others. The project provides a dark mood that gives you all the feels, with a series of hard-hitting, ominous instrumentals that are as imposing as they are addictive.

Some of my personal favorites include “Immortal” and “Stealth”, which utilize nocturnal soundscapes and heavy instrumentation to provide eery sonics while simultaneously hooking in the listener with addictive rhythms. The project’s 14-song run-time is also highly consistent, as Brizzi provides back-to-back songs that are enticing and invigorating, leaving few weak moments.

Check it out here and familiarize yourself with Brizzi Beats:


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