Deetrxll shines on “Coke Boy”


Dylan Rhine, who goes by the stage name Deetrxll, celebrated this year with some exciting news about his music career. He recently released a new song “Coke Boy”, has peaked at # 18 on Apple’s UK Top 100 Hip Hop Chart.  

Deetrxll has put a lot of work into his music career behind the scenes. However, he wasn’t handed this opportunity easily. What a lot of people didn’t know about this hip-hop artist is that he’s also a soldier in the US Army National Guard working out of Del Rio,Texas.

Music has always been Deetrxll’s dream, but he knew he had to find a way to fund his career, which he was able to do through the army.

When asked why he was passionate about his music career, Spc Rhine/Deetrxll  explained that it gave him an outlet to channel his experiences while also having his work reach people around the world.

“Coke Boy” is an infectious track that utilizes atmospheric, infectious production and memorable, catchy melodies to convey a luxurious, sleek sound. It appears on his new album Underrated 2, which is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud.

Listen to “Coke Boy” now and get familiar with the rising artist:


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