Discovering Brian Lorens with the splendid “Jealous”


It does occasionally happen that instrumental music ends up promoting inner peace since it can speak for itself. A soothing and addictive melody is all that is needed to connect with the audience and circumstances.

Take a deep breath and wander into Brian Lorens’ wonderful world. His most recent masterpiece, “Jealous,” is a stunning find that immediately captured our ears.

He reveals a mysterious musical formula and a gloomy musical genre, featuring the most memorable song by Liana. Music truly comes into its own when quality and inventiveness join together.

Brian’s music shines a warm, cozy light on our spirits and is both charming and adorable in its simplicity and authenticity.

Self-motivated and inspired musician Brian Lorens is reintroducing real and witty lyrics to popular culture. It’s a unique, upbeat song that is infused with ethnic variety and has subtle musical subtleties. The song will have a big impact on listeners since it takes them on a journey where they can unwind and enjoy a nice bop and boogie.

StreetsandTrickey produced this amazing single.

Brian Lorens


Instagram: @brianlorensmusic

TikTok: Brian.lorens

Twitter: Brian_Lorens

All streaming platforms: Brian Lorens 


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