Discovering IAMMAG with his latest EP “HEARTLESS”



Our redaction loves to discover unique vibes, artists who put the music forward and bring new sounds to the table. Our discovery of the day goes by the name of IAMMAG and he is on our list of the top 2021 creative artists.

From “Doesnt Last Long” to “Talk to Me Nice“, IAMMAG’s project takes you into a pleasant musical journey with high replay value.

Heartless” showcases IAMMAG’ creativity and talent for going from hip-hop to Rnb, passing by touches of Pop sonorities. The music realization and production is flawless, and IAMMAG’ flow is coming straight from the future.

Heartless is a banger that you need to discover as soon as possible below. It ended up integrating our best playlists of the months, and we are sure it will have the say impact on you.

Heartless”: a fresh air in an era where the competition is fierce and always growing. It’s almost impossible to choose one favourite track as each song is a hit. “Never Leave” [now in our Spotify Playlist BESTOFTHEMONTH#9] illustrates well our point: a production worthy of the greatest, an outstanding flow, the 4 tracks project is a success from the start to the end. 

IAMMAG shines throughout “Heartless” with catchy hooks and perfect rap performance. Overall, it’s a 10/10 and IAMMAG has a bright future in music!



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