Discovering Kyle Grange with his latest single “headaches”


Our community loves to hear unique vibes, artists who bring new sounds to the table and inspire others. Our discovery of the day is Kyle Grange.

From his recent song “over you”, Kyle Grange’s projects take you into a pleasant musical journey that leaves you wanting more.

“headaches” showcases Kyle’s creativity and talent. The music realization and production is flawless, and Kyle’s lyrics are extremely relatable and moving.

“headaches” is a banger that you need to discover as soon as possible. It simply blew us away and are sure it will have the same impact on you.

“headaches” is a fresh air in an era where competition is fierce and always growing.

Kyle Grange shines throughout “headaches” with catchy hooks and perfect chorus performance. Overall, it’s 10/10 and it’s safe to say that Kyle has a bright future in Music!

Listen Now:


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