Discovery of the day : “1 INNA MILL” By Pxhaxe


Artists with versatility stand out among the hundreds or thousands of musicians on the landscape. Some musicians offer incredible musical experiences while remaining emotionally connected in a world of uncertainty and looming danger.

We come across artists in our daily lives all the time, and we frequently uncover the small details of their lives that keep them going. Music is always seen as a release from all difficulties, allowing our minds and spirits to relax.

There is one such artist who has been creating music and has been gaining traction all over. Let us introduce you all to “Pxhaxe”.

His recent endeavor which was released in 2021 named “1 INNA MILL”  is a complete package of very quiet yet very groovy beats with an absolute perfecto lyricism. It has that hip-hop blending that makes the song more addictive. It has already surpassed more the 19K streams and not only this all of his works are being appreciated by the listeners.

When asked about how he was able to create such catchy craft he disclosed some of the insights behind the whole process of music-making. He makes his music unique and this is because he doesn’t like to sound “Hot” and also creates his own craft like beats and vocal recordings.

He has also performed in Austin TX for Concert Crave and it was the best moment of his life. He met some talented artists out there and felt that he was born to make music.

To listen to “1 INNA MILL”, Stream on Spotify now.


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