Discovery: Spring Rush By PsychCloned


Artists that are imaginative and original are becoming increasingly scarce in today’s world. This is why we can tell when we’re paying attention to anything special since his name is “PsychCloned.”

“PsychCloned” has already made an incredible first impression by announcing the release of his new track “Spring Rush,” and we can’t wait to hear more from his futuristic artistic realm.

Spring Rush is a musical craft that acts as an ode to nature and the upcoming Spring season. It is a breath of fresh air to today’s current music. The song utilizes the peaceful guitar musicality with drums which is the cherry on the cake. Also breaching the genre’s boundary with a more authentic story-telling Melodic structure.

This song was created in collaboration with Ryan Jones and Space Hobo to create a Jazzy Pop-Rock bop!

He discovers an astonishing universe that alternates between a slow and sultry Latin-Pop feel and a more upbeat, engaging, Jazz-Rock jam that makes you feel the power and energetic surge of instrumental music.

The song was released on 18th March and is available on all streaming platforms. He already created a huge following by announcing the news of the song “Spring Rush” 

“Spring Rush” is worth a listen and you should also add it to your playlist. The composer “PsychCloned” deserves to be recognized in the Industry.

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