Dylhutch Highlights his Signature Set Of Melodic Vocals



Nothing better than a good musical discovery to start this new month on the right foot. DYLHUTCH is our musical savior today with his upcoming single “PARADISE”.The melancholic touch adds a certain intensity and grabs our attention from start to finish. 

Dylhutch’s delivery is dynamic, and he demonstrates a surprisingly versatile vocal range. Really he is capable of some interesting maneuvers with his voice that will get your interest. Dylhutch’s cadence and sense of timing are also pretty on point.

The track is an emotionally complex ride altogether, that hits all the right notes if that’s what you’re in the mood for. This music has some great hooks, is thematically coherent, and definitely marketable. 

The backing beat is fresh and robust, while the music has a smooth and lightly sensual vibe. Sonically speaking, the audio quality of the mix is impressive. It’s a chill jam, but it has enough bass to really bump if you were listening to it on the right system, especially in a car.  Overall,  PARADISE  is a catchy, competent, and professional single. DYLHUTCH performs with justifiable confidence, and his affable personality is bound to win over some new fans.




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