From Tech Organizations To Esports To Now The Music Industry, Berto Boligan Makes It Seem Like A Piece Of Cake


Berto Boligan, a self-made successful Esports mentor worked hard to achieve his goals. He realized that working the normal 9-5 won’t get him anywhere. Hence, he left his job and gained knowledge from the books he read. He was influenced to shape his life. Berto’s success influenced and motivated various people and served as a source of encouragement for those who aimed to achieve their dreams. This turned him into a successful man with a great fan following on his social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook. Berto hence became a social media influencer.

Berto is known as an influencer known to encourage people young and follow their dreams. Berto is an owner of successful multiple tech companies. Since he has always been inclined towards everything related to technology, Esports has been a passion for Berto. His exploration and research about Esports have made him believe that Pakistan has talent that is not known by many. Hence, to bring up the vast potential in Pakistan, Berto has planned to set up his Bootcamp in Pakistan.

He ensures to provide the proper guidance and resources that the talented youth lacks to help them become the best. Berto promises to provide mentorship and efforts to prepare the youth in pursuing a career in Esports. He believes with the right effort and time invested he can make his team of the best players that will present Pakistan internationally. Similarly, Berto has aimed to provide mentorship in the hip-hop music industry.

The American influencer is fond of hip-hop music and is keen to bring revolution to the music industry. He is encouraged to embrace his passion by encouraging individuals to follow their dreams. Berto furthermore focuses on becoming a music mentor in the hip hop industry which is arguably considered one of the best genres in the US.


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