Introducing our artist of the day Sha’von


Music has been an important part of our lifestyle since time immemorial. For every mood, there is more than one song that can make our day better. For literal emotions be it happiness or sadness, music has always accompanied us in all parts of life. But we often forget to acknowledge the artist or the creators behind it. Sometimes an artist is known by his songs and sometimes the songs are known by their artists. These two factors go hand in hand and personally, both of the things should be recognizable by the artists.

There is one such project we will be discussing more and that is the song called “Moving in Silence”. This art is created by an exceptional artist named “Sha’von”. Sha’von has tried his best in making a song that showcases that an individual is thriving, making his way to accomplish his goals despite being neglected, stepped on, and rejected. He wants to make his dream into reality and he is giving all of it silently.

People love Sha’von not only for his songs but for his uniqueness and versatility. He is a versatile singer who can sing and also rap. He writes his songs with a mixture of different patterns along with exceptional storytelling skills. His face and his original wave make him stand out among all.

Every artist has some best moments in his life and for Sha’von it is his audience singing his songs. He is impressed as well as overwhelmed seeing the people remembering the lyrics of all his creations which is truly amazing.

 He has been handling his career with personal life like a professional. He doesn’t have many friends or family so he enjoys being more into music grinding every day and not being distracted by anything. He takes care of his two-year-old son. He advises being humble and grounded.

All in all, he ends with a quote “ Rome was not built in a day”

He is planning to add visuals to the song “Moving in Silence” and drop two singles to shake things up.

For advice to the young artists, he has something to say and that is “Advice…. Don’t Stop! Never Quit! Continue to push, no matter who turns on you, no matter what life throws at you, no matter what, stay true to yourself and stay true to your goals and your purpose, and Most of all Keep God first and maintain focus!”

So, what are you waiting for?

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