JASMINEGOLD share eclectic debut album, ‘Serpent’


Florida act JASMINEGOLD have dropped off their debut album, titled Serpent. Across 13 tracks, the duo provides a refreshing sound that refuses to be boxed in to simply one category. Containing a variety of glitchy, lush soundscapes, the project makes for a mind-expanding listen that takes the listener outside the realm of many hip-hop releases in today’s musical landscape.

Serpent matches vivid, diverse production with deft, dynamic vocals that never settle in one pocket, dazzling the listener with their variety and character. Tracks like “Broadcast” and “Contraband” showcase their ability to deliver head-nodding, electrifying bangers, but in the same sweep their capable of providing laid-back, breezy moods on tracks like “Joyride” and “Escapism.” Look no further than “A Happy Endin” as well to find them bringing top-tier lyrical prowess, as this track is densely packed with meaning and poignant social analysis. Across the track-list, the listener never knows what they’re going to get, which keeps them on their toes throughout, as JASMINEGOLD laces the track-list with hidden gems and pleasant surprises.

Speaking on Serpent, JASMINEGOLD say, “This album sounds like JASMINEGOLD. We don’t like being complacent, and this is the groundwork for that. We want to sound like nothing you’ve heard before and innovate.” 

Listen to Serpent now:


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