LÉA THE LEOX shines on new release, “T.V.” [Video]


Brockton, Massachusetts-born, Los Angeles-based artist LÉA THE LEOX has shared a fresh new video for her single, “T.V.”, produced by ObieIII. Infectious and colorful, “T.V.” stylishly blends house, dance, nu-disco, and R&B influences to make for a release that is simply refreshing and addictive. Paired with a fun-loving video that enhances the song’s energetic feel, “T.V.” presents a cohesive package of audio and visuals that engages with bright presence.

The production on “T.V.”, handled by ObieIII, pulsates with vibrance and vitality, containing catchy, bouncy percussion and vivid synth stabs. LÉA matches the instrumentation’s lively feel with fun-loving, sharply-crafted melodies that showcase her prowess as a songwriter. “T.V.” tells the story of reclaiming your power and energy, this song and its accompanying music video screams fun summer dance vibes. It was originally written as a commentary on hookup culture until producer ObieIII re-imagined the song as an empowering house anthem, and a perfect ode to his Chicago roots.

The new visual is engaging and immersive, utilizing colorful, fast-paced shots full of dancing to capture the song’s expressive feel. LÉA delivers a magnetic performance as well, making this an offering that is easy to re-visit.

The latest from LÉA THE LEOX, “T.V.” provides an infectious, vivid sound, making it an excellent summer dance anthem.

Watch the visual for “T.V.” now:

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