Leonardo Prakash shares celestial single “Keep the Faith”


Leonardo Prakash’s debut single as a singer-songwriter, “Keep the Faith”, draws from his influences in West African, Turkish, and Latin folk music as well as roots in American rock to create an earthy and captivating sound. Known internationally for his unique skills on the sitar and guitar, Leonardo Prakash emerges as a singer and songwriter who has built an eclectic musical home for his first song project. You will find yourself pulled into the mysterious pathways of this song, exploring worlds of music that are familiar and yet enticingly otherworldly.

“This song talks about feeling, hearing, coming back to this world of sensation, and for me this happens when looking at nature, at the stars, when I look at this greatness I know the Cosmos is inside us.” says Prakash.

An eclectic, sharply-crafted offering from Prakash that showcases his versatility as an artist, “Keep the Faith” is an evocative and expansive release that has us excited for what may be coming next from him.

Listen to “Keep the Faith” here:

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