Today our emphasis is on Luke Nolimit, Miami Bred, and LA-based Hollywood director who is investigating developing Music Narcos Roster. He endeavors to put specialists first and has arranged agreements on numerous events for craftsmen to get them the best arrangements. 
Luke (Nolimit) Hincapie put forward that he will expand and fostering his all around developing Music Narcos list of ability that incorporates multi-platinum maker Jimmy Duval. While he had gotten ready for his image to work out in a good way far away the extent of a normal supervisor, he grasped the significance of his underlying part during the time spent structure a specialists’ vocation and sees his own profession going past the extent of dealing with a craftsman. 
After Luke Nolimit met Jimmy Duval and his present colleague (Metin Kumru) in Florida while performing at a celebration, the two fostered a bond that affected the two a long ways past music as the two now both dwell in the popular Laurel Canyon where a scope of Los Angeles craftsmen have discovered motivation. 
The business needs chiefs like Luke who can draw out the best in any craftsman who is endeavoring to catch everyone’s eye, he truly deals with the specialists he works with and keeps up demonstrable skill with an ideal demeanor in the mean time assisting his craftsmen with arriving at their objectives.


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