Meet Spence Mcmanus: Miami’s Hot Talent Making His Mark


Taking over the airwaves is Spence Mcmanus, the hottest artist in Miami. Chris is a multi-talented rapper and recording artist. The passionate artist is dominating the airwaves with an authentic sound that his many fans can’t get over. Over a couple of months, Spence Mcmanus has been working on his upcoming album, , a special project that marks his comeback in the scene.

This comes after Spence Mcmanus lost all of his music on his email and hard drive, forcing him to start afresh.

“My biggest challenge was losing all of my music in my emails, and I didn’t have anything anymore, but I didn’t give up. I got back in the studio and worked on new songs, and they actually came out better,” says Spence Mcmanus

Driving your way to success can be challenging, but the great news is that there will always be a way for focused and dedicated individuals. Spence Mcmanus also believes that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to as long as you don’t give up. Instead, if you stay disciplined and consistent with your craft, you will get where you need to go.

Success is a journey, and Spence Mcmanus shows no signs of slowing down. The sensational artist remains focused on his upcoming album, a musical compilation that he’s certain will dominate the airwaves. He wants to expand his fan base beyond the US, doing non-stop tours years round. His mission is to engage with his fans and provide them with unforgettable music. Spence Mcmanus’s dream is to release more inspirational music to change and better millions of lives across the world.


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