RYN SCOTT shares compelling new album, ‘Peaks and Valleys’


RYN SCOTT has shared a fresh new album titled Peaks and Valleys. Scott was born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI and is now residing in the Metro-Detroit area. His home-grown Michigan roots are reflected in his music along with his love for peace, family, and fun. He also believes in relating to one another on a real level and having compassion for everyone, both in which you can hear outlined in his new album Peaks & Valleys, a 9 track offering packed to the brim with candid, focused lyricism and catchy, thoughtfully-crafted instrumentation.

Album opener “Lost” sets the tone with its dynamic production and gripping performance from Scott. Containing infectious key progressions and slick percussion, the instrumental here provides a suitable accompaniment for Scott’s deft flows and commanding energy. “Lose Control” dials the intensity up with fierce drums and heavy grooves, as Scott attacks the beat with ceaseless, rapid flows that dazzle the listener across the track’s 3-minute run-time. “Not Alone”‘s ethereal sound is captivating and layered, featuring operatic backing vocals and emotive strings. “I Used To Believe” balances infectious melodies with smooth, light-on-their-feet flows that showcase Scott’s command of the microphone and breath control, making for one of our favorite tracks off the LP.

The latest from Michigan artist Ryn Scott, Peaks and Valleys is full of bright moments, and draws the listener in with its relatability and memorable sound.

Listen to Peaks and Valleys now:


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