Singer-Songwriter Rina B Is An Artist On Our Radar In 2022


Rina B is today’s emerging star, and we’re confident that she’ll triple her success in 2022. You can tell her ingenuity will transform the game when you listen to her music.

Her sound is a mix of hip-hop, Latin, R&B, and a variety of other genres from the future. Intense bass, hard-hitting beats, and colourful colours abound throughout the productions. RINA B’s performances are unlike anything we’ve heard before: they’re wild, haunting, and full of effervescent flavours.

Since she was a child, when she discovered how beautiful music can be, the 23-year-old musician has been dedicated to promoting it. Her creativity grew in the musical environment in which she was raised.

She began playing instruments at an early age and continued through high school graduation. When she was 13 or 15, she started making YouTube videos, which made her popular and gave her the opportunity to perform on the X-Factor stage.

Rina B, as we previously stated, gives a fresh perspective to the world of music in general.



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