The Ian Moore shares fresh new single “Change”


St. Louis-based artist, The Ian Moore, has released his newest single, titled Change. This new offering shows a new side of Ian’s artistic toolbox delivering an ambient pop track as opposed to his more hip-hop leaning catalog. On this new sound Moore says, “I keep trying to evolve and get better with my music and try new and fresh things. I hope everyone enjoys!” It’s hard not to nod your head as you listen along to this one.

Following the release of his 14 track album, INFINITY FOREVER, this track shows Ian’s musical evolution adding a new sonic palette to his catalog. An anthemic and reverb soaked vocal cuts through emotional pianos and synthesizers. The drum pad enters the track and takes the song a dimension further to cement Moore’s lyrics of changing.

“Change is about willing to make a significant change or alteration to the old ways in a relationship in order to turn it into something else for the better,” The Ian Moore says. He said he hopes this song will inspire people to continue following their dreams and pushing through the hard times, even if that hard time is a relationship gone south – the backbone of the new single.

This track aligns with the artist’s core philosophy in why he started making music in the first place. Back in 2018 he started creating as a form of therapy to help cope with the struggles he faced in life. “While it still poses as a form of therapy, it has grown into something much more.”

With previous coverage that includes Rolling Stone India, Hype Magazine, Music Crowns, and more as well as collaborations with artists such as well-known hip-hop act, Futuristic – The Ian Moore continues to evolve.

Listen to “Change” now HERE.

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