The Process shares fresh new EP ‘Downfall Admissions’


New York artist The Process has shared a new EP called Downfall Admissions. Poignant and emotive, the release of the project follows the success of his single “My Soul”, which received praise from a variety of online publications as well as features on playlists. Across 5 tracks, the musician showcases his rich, focused songwriting style and keen ear for melodies, as he delivers a versatile offering that flirts with hip-hop, indie, punk, and more. Standing on its own as an idiosyncratic project, the 5 song release never shies away from being emotional in tone, making for a resonant and relatable listen for fans. Opener and lead single “My Soul”’s atmospheric, echoing vocal samples and evocative guitars make for an expansive backdrop as The Process delivers a heartfelt and memorable vocal performance atop that draws influence from hip-hop as well as punk. “River Styx” brings in a noise and rock influence as he turns up the energy levels with raw, commanding vocals. Closer “Prevail”, featuring Prospect Lux, makes for a reflective, moody track that is a potent listen, with layered guitars that feel celestial and powerful, as he delivers personal lyrics atop.

Listen to Downfall Admissions HERE and get familiar with the New York artist.

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