1.How are you coping up with your contemporaries as the digital world is very dynamic and competitive?

Throughout my life, the internet has inspired me along with the desire to earn money and I quickly started growing and monetizing my network. What sets me apart from other marketers in my opinion is my true knowledge of these social media applications algorithms and what really works first hand no matter the niche. At 12 years young, I was already creating and growing niché pages in sports, memes, relatable content, and many many more.I have set myself apart from other marketers online as I not only help others blow up their business, I also do it to my own so it’s not one of those weird trick guides that people often advertise for a low price. This is all possible due to a process called Dropshipping, where I don’t have to physically own or even ship the item in order to sell it. It works the best for me as I’ve been able to grow accounts to a specific demographic and then launch stores based on the demographic provided by Instagram analytics!! Due to my natural ability to grow the pages, this is just one method I can use to monetize the network and it’s even been really effective with bringing returning customers back at high satisfaction rates! I can also provide targeted growth for my clients as well which is not something most providers can do or even at a high quality.

2.Tell us something about your deals?

I generally do targeted market growth for musicians, athletes, and celebrities of all sorts and can cater to their exact needs! I’ve had some clients ask for a specific female/ male demographic and I’ve fulfilled this vice versa without issues with great satisfaction as well. Eventually, I am now full time doing growth for household names, some of the artists I’ve done in the past are names such as @nessthekid823 @iamdanielpeter @fediedemarco @lilblurry @officialmikeypolo @brickboydior and @thaplugagency!

3.According to many news magazines, you are the Digital Entrepreneur who is a make trend with his work. How you managed to earn this fortune?

I have managed to earn this fortune due to my true knowledge and desire for social media marketing and management at such an early age. I’ve had many clients be super surprised and satisfied while inquiring to work together long term but my future is just getting started! I also am working closely with musicians, entrepreneurs, and public figures been to be able to grow and expand my network and resources for upcoming projects/ campaigns!

4.So do you think that you have accomplished everything you wanted?

No, I have had some videos do well but I believe that I set myself apart from other influencers/ online marketers due to my experience. I have been on social media for years now and I’m nowhere near done, as I plan on moving onto the platform YouTube and potentially creating some merch for a milestone on TikTok!!

5.What suggestions would you like to give to upcoming digital marketers?

The biggest thing I can tell upcoming digital marketers is not to be intimidated by the growing competition but to instead embrace it. I have made so many wonderful long term business partners through simple networking online and I believe this is just one way you can start. Alot of the big influencers, athletes, and celebs did not get to where they are today over night. These guys worked extremely hard while also setting themselves apart from the competition until they made it! I also think that you should enjoy the content that you are posting or you will run out of means to keep producing it. This is extremely common with short term youtubers who decide they have “grown out of” their content or “don’t have the desire to film/ post anymore”. This distinguishes those who really want it and will put in the necessary effort from those who are hoping for a miracle because everyone has the same twenty- four hours in a day. This means that everyone has the same amount of time everyday to work, the difference is that some chose to work while others chose to sit and watch.


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