THRAXX GANG’s TG Fee shares refreshing new release “HighestShelf”


Chicago-based artist and THRAXX GANG member TG Fee has shared a new video for his single “HighestShelf”. Containing potent, lively production and deft rhyme schemes, “HighestShelf” is a powerful release laced with self-aware lyricism. Accompanied by an engaging new visual that does well to enhance the song’s colorful energy, “HighestShelf” is a release that beckons multiple re-visits, and continues to prove that Fee is a new artist to keep an eye on.

“HighestShelf” contains swirling samples that build in layers atop crisp, head-nodding percussion and grooving bass. Paying homage to classic Chicago sounds while also incorporating West Coast and East Coast hip-hop influences, “HighestShelf” showcases Fee’s versatility and eclectic sound. Fast-paced yet graceful, “HighestShelf” balances rawness with refinement for an offering that entices with its exciting vibrancy. The new visual finds Fee giving a carefree but charismatic performance of the single, with minimalistic yet effective backdrops and shots that build momentum neatly.

The latest from Chicago’s TG Fee, “HighestShelf” is a captivating new release that continues his run of solid offerings.

Watch the video for “HighestShelf” here:


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