Why Boyd Hoek Is An Artist You Need On Your Radar


The Music and Entertainment World is full of challenges and ambitious people. It’s very hard for someone entering the scene to make a position for himself and bring about a change so early. But there is one Individual who has delivered hits after hits. 

Born in Castricum, Netherlands BoydHoek was determined to choose music as his career. He was very confident that this will make him a successful person in future and look where he is now. Sometimes, one must believe in himself and be passionate about what he is doing. From exploring sounds from different cultures especially the Middle East and adding a golden touch of his own musicality, he has delivered what we call ” A Masterpiece”. His Journey is also quite exciting. From learning music at FL studio initially and then shifting to Ableton, BoydHoek ended up creating a mini-studio at his own place. 

BoydHoek was always very curious in discovering new kinds of sounds from everywhere. Being a musical person, he has produced quality music with the combination of exceptional tunes with raw talent. He is a master at doing this. 

BoydHoek’s favourite project is his latest release ‘Life is a Trip”’. He really tried to take his creativity to another level with his  Techno track. He feels that he really imprinted a part of himself into it. In all his songs, he tries to convey emotions and feelings merely through the sounds that are in the song. It took him a long time to get this track finalized. He was super excited for the fans to hear it and connect with the spirit of the song.There was an enormous amount of love from the fans when this was released telling him how much it lifted them. The fact that he was able to reach his fans and  invoke a certain emotion through his music is the proudest moment of all.

BoydHoek in his downtime likes to go out and spend time with friends, just to get out of the house and the studio. In dubai, there is an amazingly diverse nightlife that there’s always something amazing to do. Aside from that, he enjoys spending time with my dog Loco (coz he’s a crazy chihuahua) as well as hitting the gym to try and stay in shape helps him to clear his mind. 

People can follow me on Instagram where he releases sneak peaks of all his latest work. Also connect with him via his website and Youtube Channel. 

 People can follow him on Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/boydhoek/


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