ZINGA’s Music Collection Earns Global Recognition in 2021


In 2021, ZINGA’s music collection gained global recognition, with his music video for “My Heart” earning recognition for the Euro MV and California MV awards and “Fate” gaining acclaim at the Rome and Munich MV awards. ZINGA was also awarded “Best Music Video” in London.

ZINGA’s music often celebrates diversity and culture through an eclectic blend of pop, Latin, dance, and rock themes. His recent single, “Fate,” is an 80s-style rock ballad, while “Can’t You See” is a Latin-pop fusion. This well-roundedness helps ZINGA explore the creative process and craft music wherever his heart takes him, while also connecting with others through storytelling and accessing the soul’s deepest emotions.

ZINGA, also known as Shayan Ali, was born into a musical family. His father founded Bangladesh’s first pop band in the 1960s and ZINGA grew up in the spotlight, traveling with his father’s band and performing on national television at age 6. He began his music production career at age 12 and learned to play keyboard and acoustic guitar while on the road, laying a strong foundation for his future career.


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